Lester Outterbridge joined the U.S. Army in December 1968 shortly after graduating from the Famed Thomas A. Edison High school in Philadelphia, which had the highest number of soldiers killed in the Vietnam war in the nation.  After enlistment and training, he was assigned to the 7th Infantry Division (South Korea) C. Company 2/32 INF where he was an infantry-man. 

Lester enlisted in the PA Army’s National Guard where he was an Operational Specialist and truck driver.  Lester was put in charge of the Family Support group and the liaison between men and staff, which he had gained experience from the difficult times in his life from 1969 – 1976.  Lester was married in 1972 and divorced shortly thereafter.  He remarried in the year 1980 and then in 1988. 

Lester’s unit was called to operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm in 1990 and he contacted the Gulf War Syndrome and various illnesses which obtained service connected disability compensation. 

Lester career accomplishments and awards:

  • ·       Lester in 1991 started the Persian Gulf Association
  • ·       Co-Founder of Amvets Post 121; Past Commander and Vice Commander.
  • ·       Various awards and medals from service to his country and veteran positions.
  • ·       Lester is a lifetime member of DAV, Amvets, as well as membership in the American Legion, and V.F.W. due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D) and various illnesses. 
  • ·       Previously a Board member of Pointman International Ministries and the Outpost leader.
  • ·       In 2006, Lester joined Jim Abram and Pointman Soldiers Heart Ministry (PSHM) began in 2009.

Lester is available to meet and discuss urgent issues with Vulnerable Soldiers who are in need.

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