The return of our men and women in uniform serving in Iraq and Afghanistan will rival the scale of World War II and the Vietnam War demobilization in some communities.  Our federal government agencies and veteran services organizations like Pointman Soldiers Heart Ministry (PSHM) are engaged in a commitment to end veteran homelessness within five years led by President Barack Obama and Secretary of Veterans Affairs General Eric Shinseki.


          These events underscore the urgent need to expand veteran services and improve their effectiveness for returning troops, especially those returning to vulnerable communities, many of whom have sustained physical and psychological injuries.  With a collaborative effort we can and must improve the effectiveness of informing veterans and their family members about the full range of available government and community-based resources.  We must also address the very real barriers that limit access and use of these vital programs and services.


          To enhance support for veterans and their families, and increase the use of government and community-based services, Pointman Soldiers Heart Ministry (PSHM) created the Veterans Outreach and Stand-down Center (VOSC) to engage veterans and their families to enhance service delivery.  The VOSC offers tools, resources, best practices, lessons learned, and cutting-edge research to improve the effectiveness of identifying and servicing veterans and their families and friends from vulnerable communities.

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