Historical Context

While PSHM has been operating for over 19 years, it was on January 1, 2009 that a small group of veterans from all branches of the military and various wars, WWI to Vietnam, came together to incorporate and receive tax-exempt status as a Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD).  Some problems that were recognized regardless of time of service, or war, were racism and policies reinforcing racial discrimination, poor or no rehabilitative services, no knowledge of rights and/or agencies to provide services, hostile social attitudes, and high percentages suffering from exposure to the lethal toxin “Agent Orange” and continued readjustment obstacles including the legacy of enslavement in America.  Although, our credo is “Vulnerable Veterans Helping Vulnerable Veterans,” we know that historically, Black veterans have never received their just share of benefits and respect from society for defending their country in the past which includes the Vietnam and Persian Gulf Wars.  Black veterans and their families have not had a sensitive and progressive agency, controlled and operated by their fellow Afro-Centric veterans in the state of Pennsylvania, interested in their peculiar grievances and problems until the founding of PSHM.  Yet, our organization helps all in need of help in the context of Veterans Helping Veterans in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.